Q: I don’t have any water what should I do?
A: Did you check the power source? Is there water anywhere in the house, make sure to check outside spigots? Did you check and clean filters and bypass water softeners? 

Q: How deep will my well be?
A: Well depth will vary depending on your location. Give Quinter Well Drilling LLC a call for average well depths in your specific location.

Q: Where should a well be located?
A: You will need to contact your local health department for your county regulations. The site will have to be accessible for our equipment which means you need to look for power lines and tree limbs that could be in the way, above and below ground utilities, and steep inclines that could possibly effect the stability of our equipment.

Q:What kind of maintenance will my well require?
A: We recommend having an annual water test for bacteria.

Q: What kind of things should I do every year to my well?
A: Just walking around the well casing and making sure the well cap is secure and if there is conduit present make sure it isn’t broken and is securely attached to prevent insects and varmints from entering your well and contaminating your water. If you notice any problems give us a call to service your well.

Q: When should I have my well cleaned?
A:  If you notice changes in your water such as sediment, or more iron than usual, or a change in taste or odor, or has been 7-10 years since your well has been cleaned it is time to call Quinter Well Drilling LLC.

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