About Us

The family business was founded in 1932 by Herman Quinter and was known as HA Quinter Well Drilling.  For several years Herman’s focus was drilling for oil and gas but demand for water wells increased during the building boom of the 1950s.  Herman switched to water well drilling to meet the demand and built a reputation for quality and the business grew.

Herman’s son, Ronald, worked with his father learning the drilling business and in 1968, the business management changed to Ronald and his wife, Karen, and it became known as RL Quinter Well Drilling.

Over the years and as technology changed so did the way water wells were drilled.  In the early years with a cable tool rig, it could take days to drill a well. Ronald upgraded to a more efficient rotary drilling machine in 1974 was able to drill a well several hours. And the business continued to grow.

It was time for the third generation to learn.  Ronald’s son, Kevin, grew up helping his father and he expanded the business in 1993 by installing water systems.  During the following years, water well drilling and installing water systems expanded throughout central and southwest Ohio and into Indiana.

In 2013, the business became a joint affair when Kevin and his wife, Vikki, became partners and the name changed to Quinter Well Drilling LLC.  Ronald, Karen, Kevin and Vikki continue today meeting customer water needs.  From new construction wells to replacement wells to geothermal earth loops to interior water systems, the business plans to be here for the fourth generation.

Quinter Family Business Owners

Proud Owners

Herman drilling an 8” well in March of 1955